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Egypt Travel Tips

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A visa is required and is being granted at the airport, current fee is $ 20.00 for US citizen payable upon arrival. 
MEDICALREQUIREMENTS: No immunizations are required or needed.
CURRENCY: The local currency is the Egyptian pound (LE). 1 LE = 100 piasters. Banks are opened in major hotels for 24 hrs credit cards are widely used in major Hotels & restaurants. Charges will be in Egyptian pounds. Current rate of exchange is $1.00 = LE 3.45 (Approximately)
CLIMATE: The best season is from October thru May when the temperature in Cairo is comfortable in the daytime, and cool or even cold at night. Weather in Upper Egypt, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel is comfortably warm. During the summer months Cairo is hot and dry, upper Egypt is extremely hot, sightseeing is done early in the morning.
WHAT TO WEAR: Winter months: Bring sweaters, a light coat or jacket for the cool Cairo evenings. Women should bring slacks and one evening dress for nightclub visits. Men should bring at least one warm jacket. Pack a bathing suit if visiting Luxor and Aswan if taking a Nile cruise. Summer months: light weight clothing. A sweater for cool Cairo evenings. AT ALL TIMES: modesty in clothing should be observed-women should cover their arms when visiting mosques. Bring comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing and walking on desert sand. Sneakers are needed and no open sandals as it is sandy. Sunglasses as well as hats and scarves are recommended as protection against the strong sun. On the Nile cruise dress is strictly informal, jackets and ties are out of place.
CAPTAIN'S DINNER: (on the cruise) This farewell event is an exotic costume party where everyone has to dress up "the Egyptian way" and is invited to participate in games and competitions with prizes for the best costume.
REMEMBER TO PACK: Bring all medications with you, there is no place to get refills while in Egypt. Immodium is suggested in case you get the "Pharaoh's Curse". Bring extra pair of prescription glasses or the prescription. A fanny pack around your waist is recommended to hold your camera, extra film, water and your money. Instant Sanitizer "Purell" or similar for a quick freshening up. A flashlight will come in handy for the dim light of the tombs and museums.
ELECTRICITY: 220 volts, 50 cycles AC in Cairo. Wall plugs are the round two pronged European type- No adapters or transformers are provided bring your own.
TELECOMMUNICATIONS: You can call the States direct from your Hotel room. MCI, AT &T and Sprint calling cards are widely used. Local number to be dialed from Cairo:

MCI:      348- 4806 # 7524
AT&T :  356-0200
Sprint   356-4777

SHOPPING: Cairo is a shopping adventure. Buy brass, copper, and inlaid wooden articles, silver and gold jewelry. Leather shoes, bags and belts, cotton goods and oils. Shop at the Khan El Khalili bazaar for better variety, interesting and artistic goods. You should be able to bargain up to two thirds off the price originally quoted to you.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Take plenty of film with you and all the necessary photographic equipment, as these are very expensive in Egypt. You will need flash to photograph inside monuments. The sun is very bright, for outdoor pictures take a light meter and low ASA film for indoor shots. You have to pay a charge in some sites to allow you to use your cameras.
HOLIDAYS: The weekly day of rest is Friday. Islam is the principal religion of Egypt. Islamic Holidays are based on the lunar calendar and change annually.
GRATUITIES: Total suggested tips: During your trip of 8 nights is $ 85.00 per person divided as follows: Egyptologist /guide $ 5.00 per person /nt.
Portage in hotels and airports $ 10.00 per person for total stay. Cruise personnel :
$ 5.00 per person per day for all services on board of cruise. Restaurants in hotels  $ 1.50 per person /per meal. Drivers during sightseeing : $ 2.00 per person/ per day and during transfers $ 0.75
HEALTH PRECAUTIONS: Drink only bottled water. Eat in the hotel restaurants. Be sure your food is well cooked. Peel all your fruits and eat only vegetables that have been cooked or that you can peel. In the summer months drink plenty of water, carry some with you while sightseeing. Be careful of fresh fruit juices as they may be diluted with local water. 
HELPFUL HINTS: if you are planning to ride a camel by the pyramids, wear slacks or jeans. Optional tours & sights are given during the trip ex: Sound & Light show in Luxor and Aswan, Nefertari's tomb visit, allow extra money for this.
ETIQUETTE: Egyptians are friendly, generous and proud of their culture. They are experienced dedicated traders. "Bakshish" is the Arabic word for tips that could be solicited from outsiders. Children do specifically ask for pens, also any candy is appreciated.

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