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Red Sea

The beaches of the Red Sea are an exquisite gift of nature. The sea with its crystal clear blue waters, offers colorful corals and rare marine life. The long chain of mountains, with their different colors, run parallel to the coastline, separated from the sea only by a plain, most of which is suitable for camping. All these elements, the work of the Creator, blend into a a rare painting of magnificent winter and summer climate and envhanting natural beauty that charms the visitor into believing he is on a legendary tour of a paradise on earth. 

The Red Sea - 1930 km. long and 270,000 km. squared - is bordered by Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Dijbouti. Mount Sinai, 2285 km., is the highest peak. Its climate is equatorial with temperatures ranging between 35 C and 41 C. water temperatures range between 18C and 21C in winter, an 21C and 26.5C in the summer.  

Underwater visibility is more than 30 meters and diving is possible up to 45 meters. You can take a day-trip to Giftun Island for snorkeling or a view of the ocean through a glass-bottomed boat or submarine. When you're not in the sea you can shop in the boutiques, relax in the luxury holiday villages, visit the aquarium or the Roman remains at nearby Gebel Aabu Dukhan. Day trips or safaris to explore the Red Sea Mountains by camel or jeep are also available.  Here is a brief overview of some of the tourist sites at the Red Sea:

Tourist sites:

Ayn Sukhna "Hot Spring": Located about 55 km. south of the Suez. It is one of the most beautiful spots on the Red Sea and the closest to Cairo. Both a summer and winter resort, its sandy beach equals the best in the world and is suitable for camping.It is an excellant spot for water sports, fishing and underwater photography.  

Hurghada: Founded in the early 20th century , Hurghanda has gone on to become the foremost tourist resorts of the Red Sea coast and an international centre for aquatic sports. If it takes place in the water you can do it here: windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, and snorkeling. The unique underwater gardens are some of the finest in the world.




Name of Submarine


Capacity of Submarine

Length of Time Underwater

Sindibad Village



For Reservations:

Sindibad Co. Travel

Tel: 011-(20)-(65) 444-688

10 am-5 pm

(every hour)

44 people

50 mins.

Palace Hotel,

Gefton Village



For Reservations:

Aqua-Scope Co.

Tel: 011-(20)-(65)



9 am-4 pm

(every hour)

10 people

2 hrs.

Majuawish Village

Coral Majuawish


For Reservations:

Tel: 011-(20)-(65)


9:30 am & 2:30 pm

(2 Trips per day)

27 people

2 hrs.


Princess Village: About 10 km. from Hurghada. This village comprises 20 two-story villas, 40 bungalows and 30 single/double room studios.

Safaga: Is a working port with several tourist villages specializing in diving holidays, a handful of hotels and some excellent fish restaurants. Daytrips to Tobia Islands or Mons Claudianus in the Red Sea can be arranged with local guides.

Al-Quseir: Al-Quseir has a long history as one of the major ports of the Red Sea: from here Queen Hatshepsut launched her expedition to the land of Punt, as depicted in the reliefs in Deir el-Bahari temple at Luxor. Today, Al-Quseir is a quiet resort with sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs.

Mersa Alam: A village with a small harbour and stone quay. Mers Alam is the ideal base for a fishing holiday. The Dokki Shooting Club has a resthouse here and can arrange deep sea fishing trips. There are some fine offshore coral reefs and diving facilities being developed.

Berenice: The Red Sea Coast is also the home of St. Anthony's Monasteryand its neighbor St. Paul's, which are the oldest monasteries in Egypt. Hidden deep in the Red Sea Mountains and relying on springs for their water supply, both still observe rituals that have hardly changed in the 16th centuries. St. Anthony's was founded in 356 AD, just after the saint's death. Today it is a self-contained village with gardens, a mill, a bakery and five churches with exceptional wall paintings and icons.

    Other tourist sites:

    •     Magawish Village
    •     Giftoun Village
    •     El Samaka Village
    •     Yasmine Village
    •     Hur Palace Village
    •     Shedwan Village

There are 24 islands in the Red Sea, all of which are rich with fauna and flora. The most important are:


    • Emerald Island opposite to the coast of Bernice.                              
    • Abu Minqar Island opposite the Hurghada Sheraton Hotel.
    • Shedwan Island, on which stands a lighthouse, about 35 km. from the coast of Hurghada.



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