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Hurghada, in Egypt, is a fantastic tourist centre and the second largest city in Egypt located on the Red Sea coast. This is a thriving place filled with wonderful activities for the whole family as well as having amazing weather almost the whole year round. The vast majority of the hotels in Hurghada, line the coast and this makes for some amazing views. There are many amenities available with lots of the hotels offering excursions and amazing days out for the whole family. These hotels, many luxury ones, have amazing rooms that are deluxe and blissful. A stay here is always going to be a pleasant one with access to some private beaches and wonderful aquatic hobbies available from many of the more deluxe hotels. There are frequent diving and snorkelling opportunities across the coast line here and the waters are intriguing with their beautiful crisp lines that just make you want to dive in and start exploring from the moment you arrive. In addition to the diving and snorkelling you can partake in numerous other water sports here including jet skiing and more simple pleasures such as taking a boat trip to more secluded dive spots. Many of the hotels in this area offer truly beautiful cuisine from around the world and there are lots of wonderful local dishes on offer here with many fish dishes that are fresh from the sea just a few hours before and transformed in to something amazing by fantastic chefs. The hotels will offer relaxing swimming pools, bars and gyms. Saunas, massages and salons and are some of other amenities that your hotel may well have meaning you can enjoy your holiday while looking and feeling your best. When not relaxing in your hotel or enjoying the sun there are numerous other activities that you can take part in. There are submarine tours available here which are truly out of this world. You will stay dry while enjoying some of the most beautiful sights that the sea and sea bed here have to offer. In addition to taking a submarine trip you may always want to explore some of the amazing deserts that surround this wonderful area. Holidays in Hurghada are perfect for couples as well, or even for travelling alone. There is plenty for everyone to do here and whether you want a relaxing holiday lying on the beach or a wonderful fun filled, activity packed time that Hurghada is a fantastic place to spend a week or two. At night-time you will find that the streets of Hurghada really do come to life. There is plenty to do and see here after dark and Hed Kandi is a much see for anyone holidaying here. Ministry of Sound, Havana Club and The Bonanza Bar are some of the other fantastic places on offer here. You will find varying types of music here, something for almost everyone, and you will find that as the nights go on the clubs become more and more lively and fill up to the brim. This makes for a truly wonderful clubbing experience that may just leave you with a sore head the following morning!

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